Logitech Spectrogram | FAQ

While the title says "FAQ", the structure of this section is currently "Problems and Solutions", rather than "Questions and Answers".

When I start the spectrogram, I can see it running in the "Spectrogram Output" window but it doesn't change the lighting on my keyboard.
Open Logitech Gaming Software and click on the "Settings" icon. Make sure the "Allow games to control illumination" checkbox is ticked.
When I start the program, the "Start Spectrogram" button is grayed out and the status bar at the bottom says that it "Failed to connect to Logitech Gaming Software".
This usually occurs when Logitech Gaming Software is not running. The spectrogram will NOT work without it. Check Task Manager for "LCore.exe" (Logitech Gaming Framework) to see if it is running. If LGS IS running but you are still getting either of these errors, you may need to reinstall the latest version of LGS.
Only the bottom row(s) of the keyboard are lighting up.
The entire keyboard is staying lit up the whole time.
This is caused by the spectrogram sensitivity being too low (only bottom row(s) light up) or being too high (whole keyboard stays lit up). This can be fixed by adjusting the "Sensitivity Multiplier" in the Settings tab of the spectrogram program.
The program says that "LogitechLedEnginesWrapper.dll" is missing.
The program says that "LogitechGArxControlEnginesWrapper.dll" is missing.
This file should be in the same folder as "Logitech Spectrogram.exe". It is included in the ZIP file that you downloaded so if it is missing, redownload the spectrogram program. If the DLL IS in the same folder but you are still getting this error, then you may be missing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4 x64 (or x32). You can download it here
The spectrogram program does not sync properly with the audio that is playing.
Ensure that you are using the latest version of your audio drivers. Using old drivers is a possible cause of this problem.